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Iron & Aluminum Railing in Keyport, New Jersey

Enhance your home or business with something beautiful and durable. Craftsmen Railing in Keyport, New Jersey, creates custom iron and aluminum railings, handcrafted to your specifications.

To Spark Your Ideas

Look through each page, loaded with full images of iron and aluminum gates and fences to see what you like, or come up with some ideas of your own.

Ornamental designs, automatic gates, and curved porches are just some of the work we produce, backed by 75 years
of experience.

Iron & Aluminum Work

  • Porch and Patio Railings
  • Interior and Specialty Railings
  • Custom Gates and Fences
Product line — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Product Line
Specialty work — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Specialty Work
Interiors — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Gates & Fences — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Gates & Fences
Patios — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Pipe railing — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Pipe Railing
Porch rail — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ
Porch Rail
Balconies — iron and aluminum railing in Keyport, NJ

Powder Coated In-House

Not only does powder coating make for an attractive finish to rails, fences, and gates, but also requires very little maintenance. Powder coating is available in several colors to match your home or business exterior.

All aluminum and iron is powder coated in-house, as well as fully welded. Custom rails and gates handcrafted in-house allow for quick turnaround and eliminate higher costs from a middleman.

Restoration Specialists

We take pride in not only creating beautiful, ornamental railing designs, but we also resurrect older railing and fencing structures, some more than 100 years old.

About Our Company

Craftsmen Railing has been specializing in railing and metalcraft since 1972. Our skill is a culmination of three successive generations of metalsmiths. Although we are a modern welding facility, we also use the old world style of hand-hammered and forged steel traditions that have been handed down from father, to son, to grandson, for 75 years.

All our work is full-welded construction, cleaned and ground to full furniture quality. Our fine products are not from stock or prefabricated units; they are hand-crafted to your exact specifications. Each job Craftsmen Railing produces is as individual as you are.

Request an estimate today for custom porch railing that adds an elegant touch.
NOMMA (National Ornamental and
Miscellaneous Metals Association)
Powder Coating Institute
New Jersey Registered Contractor
Licensed and Insured

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